Finally, scale your font

This is not some new css feature, do not know how long it has been out but right now, I know of the exsitence and it's great!

 Scale you font-size as you move the window!

I need this so badly just came too late for my previous projects but for future reference I post it here

No this is not going to be a tutorial just a note. 

Yes of course, there are pro's and con's but I have found a legitimate reason to use it.


Say you have a piece of text you like to use as an "aside" which the visual appearance of an image. It's pure a visual thing, the text is second.

Let's put it this way, it would be nice if you could read the text on larger screen but it's not that important on smaller screen, as long you can keep the "text-image-like aside".

You could make an image and do a css resize but it will convert into an image with text. Let suppose that for severale reasons (like seo) this is not what you want.

Now to keep the text and the appearance you can scale your font. The visual experience remains and contains the text (yes I know it is unreadable on small devices)

But you always can use a"vmin" if you need to.

Wanna read more about scaling font sizes?

Visit one of my favorite sites  at

font-size: 5.9vw;